Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bruce Trail Hike 10 - (6 km)

(222 km of 894 km) 25% completed

It was a frigid -9 degrees and fresh snow covered the trail.  We were lucky to be joined by a special furry friend but also suffered an unfortunate event which caused us to cut this hike short of our 20 km goal.

Our friend seemed to really enjoy hiking.

Here she is showing us the way.  The only tacks on the trail were animal tracks.

"I think I saw something over there!"

Sometimes you have to cross streams.

Look at that smile.  She's so cute!

Friends in the distance.

The fields were so windy.  Sometimes we had to traverse through a foot of snow.

Taking a break to dust off snow.

This this brings us to the unfortunate event.   Coming down the rocks in the picture below, my friend planted her foot, took a step down but didn't realize she stepped on solid ice.  Her foot was planted so well, it stayed in the same spot while the rest her fell down.  Her knee bent in a way knees aren't supposed to bend.

Thankfully, we were only about 300 meters from the nearest road.  Due to a couple steep hills and rocks to climb, it still took us a very painful hour to reach the road.  I started running back for our car which was parked about 5 kilometers away.  Luckily, after about about 2 km and four people who drove by ignoring my plea for help, someone finally stopped and drove me back to my car.

I raced back to my friend and off the hospital we went.

She's in a soft cast and in a lot of pain so the BT Hike is delayed until further notice.

Wishing her a speedy recovery!

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  1. Thank you for your kind comment on the finish of our end-to-end hike. I can't believe it was 4 years ago already! I do miss the trail and unfortunately the Bruce isn't particularly close up to pick up a hike or two.

    Your friend's accident is so unfortunate. We were always so worried about a debilitating fall - especially in some of the more remote areas. I hope she makes a quick recovery.

    I always enjoy looking at photos from other people's journey on the Bruce. It gives me a chance to revisit good memories. We did a lot of hiking in winter snow. I rather liked it :)

    Best wishes! I know this is an awesome adventure - in the true meaning of the word!!