Sunday, 27 November 2016

Bruce Trail Hike 8 - (27 km)

(200 km of 894 km)

Today we reached a 200 km milestone.

This little guy wanted to come with us.

I really liked this bridge.  I wish I had a picture on it....

If anyone is looking to buy a Side Trail, feel free to call this number.

Our first break. Some nice rocky terrain.

I was excited to do a little bit of climbing.

Trees as far as the eye could see.

This was a fun little path.  The sign in the upper left means right turn ahead.

This was a fairly challenging downhill section.  The rocks were very slippery.  Unfortunately, it was around here where my friend took her third tumble on the trail.  To me it looked like a serious one, as she appeared to hit her knee hard on a rock, but she bounced up like nothing happened and kept going.

We met a handsome German Sheppard on the trail.

Lunch time, or should I say nap time.

Found a nice perch to eat my lunch.

We found a cave.  Should we explore it, of course we should!

This cliff was the highlight of the trip.

Oh, it's Mayhem!

Came across this structure in the middle of the woods and have no idea what it is.  If anyone knows, please comment below letting me know.

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