Saturday, 5 November 2016

Bruce Trail Hike 6 - (26 km)

(158 km of 894 km)

Hiking is getting quite popular.  First thing in the morning and the entrance to the Bruce Trail is filled with cars.

Someone had too much coffee and was feeling a little "photobomby" today. Is that even a word?

We are rebels with a cause. =p

This was a fairly long hike.  I can't even begin to describe the beauty of the fall colors and the pictures will not do it any justice.

It was a pretty uneventful hike, except for a trail runner who almost went over a cliff and a couple coyote sightings because it got dark a lot sooner than we thought.

This gentleman who fell was running towards me, slightly downhill  I stopped in order to let him know that I won't walk into his path.  He was running at a pretty fast pace.  His toe hit a rock and he went flying.  He hit the ground pretty hard and his momentum carried him over the edge.  A lady behind me screamed.  Luckily, he hit a tree which stopped him from rolling further down the cliff or he would have been in a lot more trouble.  He was able to get up on his own and keep going.

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, they may itch you and that's no joke. ;)

Kind of funny, we are both taking a picture of each other taking a picture.

This waterfall is where we had second breakfast and also part of the reason we finished the hike after dark.  Here is a Google Maps link of the location:

Saw a few snakes along the way.  This guy was definitely the biggest.

We had lunch by the train tracks.  The only issue with that is trains.  =p

We came across another waterfall, but we didn't spend much time there as it was getting late.

This was not a scheduled break!

Started at sunrise, finish at sunset.  A satisfying full day of hiking.

We finished the last kilometer in complete darkness.

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